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Don’t you think Israel has the right to defend itself?


Israel certainly has the right to defend itself. The sad truth is that very little of what is going on in the checkpoints has to do with defense. The checkpoints are all beyond the Green Line, separating one Palestinian town or village from another. Israel is constructing a Separation Wall to stop Palestinians from crossing the Green Line. It has no need to stop Palestinian life beyond that.


All you have to say is bad things about Israel. Isn’t it hypocritical of you to portray the Palestinians as saints?


I am not portraying the Palestinians as saints. In fact, I am not talking about Palestinian politics at all, and I’m certainly not defending acts of terrorism targeting innocent civilians. I am recording the ways in which Israeli occupation is disenfranchising Palestinians from their basic human rights. It has nothing to do with terrorism.


You say you’re an Israeli. But would an Israeli really say these things about her own country?


Yes, as a matter of fact. I think it is my duty as a citizen to criticize my own government, rather than criticize other governments, as some Israelis do.


Doesn’t the activity of MachsomWatch and other peace activist groups only help to fortify the occupation? By ensuring human rights at the checkpoints, you are only justifying their existence.


I can only speak on my behalf. I am not a spokesperson for MachsomWatch, certainly not for other organizations.


I am not there to ensure human rights. Freedom of movement is a basic human right. If that is taken, there is nothing to ensure anymore. The soldiers may be polite to the Palestinians, they may do everything to expedite the queue, they can even hand out fountain pens and flowers, for all I care. As long as the checkpoint is there, the freedom of movement isn’t.


I am not there to ensure human rights, I am recording the disenfranchisement of those very rights, for the sake of others. I am a witness, so you can’t say you didn’t know or it isn’t happening.



Why the sobriquet?


This kind of blog attracts a mixture of feelings. In its Hebrew version, I was a target for a lot of Hate mail. I welcome any criticism and discussion in the blog itself, but do not think I should suffer threats or profanity, even if you do happen to strongly disagree with me.


I have signed various petitions. I am not hiding and am definitely willing to stand behind what I write. Putting myself in danger is something quite different.