Merely Following Procedures






The agricultural gate at Hableh opens at 5pm. The workers come in pairs,or triplets, a small group of people waiting gathers (first photo), they approach the examination in groups of four (second photo). A herd of sheep passes, by the time its shepherd is out of the inspection booth, the herd has scattered (third photo). A horse and a wagon are also checked and other agricultural vehicles (fourth).

A guy with no ID is not allowed to go through (fifth). The officer at the checkpoint explains to him that these are the rules, and that “I am only following procedures”. I ask him: “and if your neighborhood was surrounded by a fence, and the gate was opened only three hours a day, what would you do?” – “I would probably be really angry, but I am merely following procedures”. “We never merely follow procedures,” I replied.

The village of Hableh is surrounded by a fence. The opening times of the gate change every now and then. Right now they are between 7am to 8am, 12pm to 1pm and 5pm to 6pm.

See here on Hableh in the morning hours.


For a Hebrew version of this post, click here.

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  1. irokike says:

    you post give me knowledge a lot of this topic

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