A Wall



Yesterday I went to Umm-al-Fahm to visit Karim. This time I insisted we go see the wall at Baqa-al-Gharbiyye.

"What’s up with you", he asks, "so there will be a section of the wall or a checkpoint you haven’t seen"

"Don’t make a big deal out of it, Baqa is real close"

"Okay, but we’re taking my care. I’m embarrassed to ride in your jalopy. People know me there."

"Fine, you know I hate driving anyway"

"And you can also dress normally, those pants are awful"

"You’re full of complaints today, like a pomegranate"

As an afterthought, Karim says: "Pomegrante wasn’t just now, was it, it doesn’t belong to Passover, right?"

"Right. Any further objections?"

"Yes. I know the past six months haven’t gone too well and that you were aggrevated, but those extra four pounds are uncalled for."

"I think it’s more than four"

"Yes, but I like you. Come I’ll show you a house that touches the wall, I know the family. I’m a real asset to any lefty, aren’t I?"

The wall at Baqa. Children coming home from school. Yesterday, 1:30pm.

Behind the wall – the balconies of Nazlet Abu Nar.

Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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