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‘Azzun ‘Atma is a village enclosed between the settlements Oranit, Elkana and Sha’arei Tikva and the separation wall. The village is surrounded by a fence, traffic to and from it requires going through two checkpoints. For any practical purposes, it has become a prison compound. Any communication between the villagers and the external world requires the permission of soldiers and through checkpoints (pictured: the checkpoint on the western end of the village). Ten families that were left on the other side of the separation wall have to go through the checkpoint on their way to the village grocery store. They are restricted with a ration of goods they can buy (see here), for fear that they will use them for trade in Israel proper, west of the Green Line. No terrorist actions ever came out of this village. And all this is only in order to leave those three settlements on the western side of the wall.

More on a ‘Azzun ‘Atma: Imprisoned Tomatoes (April 2009); “We’re Jailed Here, Do Something. You Must” (May 2009).


Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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