Last Friday (December 4, 2009) an Israeli police force blocked a group of peace activists in the Shuhada street in Hebron (Palestinians are not allowed to drive in Shuada Street although they are its residents). The policemen claimed to have a signed order by an Army general, declaring the area to be a Closed Military Zone. Despite our demand, we did not see the order. Therefore, I was unable to publish a post on Hebron as I was hoping to. I will be in Hebron this week, too, so I hope I will be allowed to enter the Closed Zone. Beginning next week, the blog will return to its normal activity.

The efforts to restrict peace activists from the arenas of occupation is recently increasing. Of course, it is always done under the auspices of the exhausted arguments of security (the disruption of the delicate balance, interference with the work of military forces, and of course “it’s too dangerous for you, we are protecting you”). The intention is clear: to cease documentation. To stifle rumors. At times, this is even made explicit.

In many years to come, children will ask questions, parents and grandparents will apologize. They will try to explain that at the time it seemed reasonable, that they only wanted to have a good story to tell around the bonfire, and above all – that rumors were stifled.

Above: a rumor that has not yet been stifled. Qalandiya checkpoint, Ramadan, September 2008.


Click here for a Hebrew version of the post.

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  1. nindee says:

    Thanks for writing again.

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