Freedom of movement, freedom of worship, the freedom to control one’s own time, to be able to assess how long it will take to get back home.

Pictured: Palestinians waiting, Friday, September 4th, 2009, at the Bethlehem checkpoint.

The Bethlehem checkpoint had this Friday some 12,000 people pass through on their way to the prayers on the second Friday of Ramadan, at Al-Aqsa. Passage was allowed only for women above 50 and men above 45. Children under 15. Before the Bethlehem checkpoint, three more temporary checkpoints were added, especially for Ramadan. Four checkpoints, while fasting, dressed in Sunday Clothes, about two hours wait.

See also last week’s post on the first Friday of Ramadan, at Qalandiya.

For a Hebrew version of this post, click here.

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5 Responses to Time

  1. Israel Israeli says:

    a lot of ongoing efforts produce such an abandoned blog..thus you do not know if it is more sad or more ridiculous…

    (I hope idiotic and nasty intentions,as they should, will always stand alone)

  2. Aryeh says:

    What makes you sense idiotic or nasty intentions?

  3. Israel Israeli says:


  4. Aryeh says:

    I am not surprised to find a difficulty to articulate accusations in a respectful manner, however much as I was hoping to be.

  5. Israel Israeli says:

    it is very arrogant on your part to mention the word respect..

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