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Last week Haaretz published in its weekend supplement an article by Yotam Feldman and Uri Blau on the lack of water in the West Bank. The article is recommended, and has many data on the inequity between water supply to the Jewish settlements (for pools) and Palestinian villages (no running water).

I went together with a group of peace activists to the village of Qarawat Bani Zeid, south of Ariel, nearby the settlements Beit Arye, Ofarim and Halamish. The village is mentioned in the Haaretz article. In Beit Arye, some ten minutes drive from Bani Zeid, there is a pool. You can see it at the virtual tour on the settlement’s website (the website is in Hebrew, but includes also ads for new constructions and homes, if anyone cares to translate this for President Obama…).

We came with two truck loads of water, a small help that will not solve the water problem of the village, but was still greeted with lots of excitement. The villagers filled bottles and cans with water. It was hard to watch how they leaped on the water, first with bottles to quench their own thirst, then with jerry cans to take home. I took the photos on Friday, August 7th, 2009, around afternoon hours.


They carried the water home on donkeys, in cars, wheelbarrows and even supermarket carts.










Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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