A Clown against the Occupation


If you haven’t already, go read first yesterday’s post, also from the Erez terminal. It is important and it is everything this blog aspires to be. The occupation from a “narrow” point of view – an attempt to understand the daily coping of one man or one woman, the individual against the occupation.

A group of international activists, named Code Pink, launched on Friday a ten-day campaign to remove the siege from Gaza.






There were many internationals there, hardly no Israelis (this is something that grieves me, with deep pain, time and again). We flew kites across the fence. We attached to the kites greetings to the children in Gaza. A group of peace activists on the other side, some 300 people, flew kites to our side. We heard them by telephone, and they heard us, singing songs of peace, and calling to remove the siege.

This cooperation was beautiful and moving. Look here: 





My heart went out for this guy, the clown. Not that I care too much for clowns. As a little girl, I found them tedious, but there was something enchanting about this fellow. A charisma so fresh and graceful, in a way that hasn’t been poured on me in a long time…







A clown with pink insignia,




who had a hard time flying a kite (he gave up eventually),



and with an incontrollable desire to push balloons in the mouth. Including other people’s mouths (I’ll tell you that Ya’ara got a nose from him).









He came back our way with swimming gestures, that ridiculed the police’s demand to block our movement. Ya’ara applauded him by clapping her hands.



And there was also an excellent mime show, that ridiculed the architecture of the roadblock.





The balloon popped when he tried to tie it to the fence.



The show concluded with a sneaky infiltration. So the enemy won’t see.



Erez Terminal, northern Gaza Strip, Tuesday, June 6, 2009.


(just to clarify: I am the photographer, and do not appear in nose of these photographs…)

 Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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5 Responses to A Clown against the Occupation

  1. Nina says:

    Thanks. Great pics 🙂

  2. yaara says:

    I fell in love.

  3. Aryeh says:

    wow… I don’t think the readers of the Hebrew version got such a straight-forward confession.
    But perhaps it was there between the lines…?

  4. yaara says:

    without any romantic intentions.

  5. Aryeh says:

    Too bad, I thought we might get more rating by spicing up the comments section…

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