A Foreign Portrait of Motherhood


I sat in front one of the mothers. I looked into her eyes, and realized part of something I will never fully grasp.

A young mother with a sick boy. For months she has been trying to obtain a pass permit for her son to receive medical treatment. And here the day arrived, and she leaves the prison camp in which she has been living for several years now. Alone, with a sick child, she is in a foreign land, a hostile country. She has no idea where she is going to, where will she sleep, will she be understood, will there be anyone who speaks her language.

She had a look in her eye, like that of a small animal in a trap.

Two mothers went out today (Tuesday), accompanying their sons at the Erez Terminal. I photographed it this morning.



Gaza is under total siege. Hospitals lack the most basic equipment. Only severe humanitarian cases, mostly children, are allowed out. Only one adult is allowed to accompany the child, and usually the mother, not the father. For full information about the siege on Gaza, see B’tselem’s website.

 Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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