To the Attention of Barack Obama: A Note on Outposts and Settlements

You are being deceived.

Diverting the attention to the illegal outposts is a well-known tactic among right-wing circles. They don’t really care about the outposts. The goal is to sidetrack attention from the major settlements, and ascertain in public opinion the view that evacuation is impossible (a tactic that was also used – to no avail – in Gush Katif, the Jewish group of settlements in Gaza Strip).

The major settlements are the true obstacle for a two-state solution. Those who are acquainted with the West Bank know that this solution is already impossible, right now. A matter of a deliberate governmental policy.

Go see Ariel for yourselves. Long and narrow, rectangular. I would even see tubular. It is designed so as to connect to Kfar Tapuah, and thus the two of them will create a territorial continuum that will divide the West Bank, separate Ramallah from Nablus, the two biggest cities there, and reach up to route 60, the major traffic route of the West Bank. Ariel and Tapuah are already interfacing, and an outpost has been set between them.

On the way there, one can stop at Berakhah or Einav. Both have a sign at the entrance to the settlement, announcing campaigns of expansion, inviting new families to join.


People believed that Israel ended the occupation in Gaza, with the disengagement in 2005. Let’s hope they will not be deceived once more.  

 Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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