“We’re Jailed Here, Do Something. You Must”

The settlement Sha’arei Tikva is built on lands of the village ‘Azzun ‘Atma. The Separation Wall was built East of Sha’arei Tikva, to include the settlement within Israel proper. The residents of the village ‘Azzun ‘Atma found themselves locked in a corral. The entire prison is surrounded by a fence.


The checkpoint has expanded since the last time I was here: fences outline an entry and exit route from the village (beforehand the residents went through a gate at the entry).

On the side, some building which is not yet in use. Probably intended for soldiers to sit there in the future.


Passage at entrance to and exit from the village, requires going through a checkpoint, presenting an ID, and bag inspection. The gate was opened for a harnessed wagon and a horse. The soldier fumbles the belongings on the wagon.


This is the time when workers come back to the village form a day’s work. Most of them work in construction at the settlements Sha’arei Tikva and Elkana.


The are well-acquainted with the rules of the checkpoint. When they come in groups, one approaches, the others await their turn. The soldiers don’t even need to say “wahad-wahad”. The take out their IDs for inspection.


A young man approaches the gate and calls us. I went towards him. He has good Hebrew and articulates himself well. But he is having a hard time putting the sentences together, going mad out of anger. He has a hard time talking. Angrily, he bangs the gate with his fists.


“Israel doesn’t want it to be better, it wants it to be worse. It’s no security for Israel, this gate, it’s taking our land. Now I understand why Palestinians did terrorist attacks. I’ll also want to do an attack eventually. We’re jailed here. Do Something. You Must.”


The photo was taken today, May 19th, 2009, around 5pm. 

A friend joined me today at the checkpoint. He was surprised by the calm conduct at Huwwara, by the routine. By the fact everyone knows what they’re supposed to do. A 13 year-old boy was selling cold water on a hot day for those waiting at the checkpoint. Another man was selling coffee, for the taxi drivers waiting for customers. 

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Click here for a Hebrew version of the post.

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3 Responses to “We’re Jailed Here, Do Something. You Must”

  1. Nina says:

    I reposted this post in my blog, sist.
    As usual, thanks so much.

  2. yaara says:

    Than, Nina, you did something.

    I came back home yesterday quite depressed. I promised to try and do something, but what can I do. In the end, my acts are ineffective. I am not optimistic at all.

    Shaari Tikva, by the way, means ‘Gates of Hope’.

  3. Harry says:

    Just so you’d know, I sent every guy (and gal) I know a link to this blog. Keep up the good work.

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