I really want you to see this clip.


Thousands of words have been written on the Gaza Strip. This short clip illustrates the situation there in a simple, un-preaching fashion. Directed and designed by Yoni Goodman, the script is by Goodman and Noga Eitan (thanks to Noga, as always), who is also the producer. The music is by Ori Drumer. The clip was commissioned by Gisha – a Legal Center for the Freedom of Movement.


Many Israelis hear about the firing of rockets in the south, about the children of Sderot who can’t play outside, about Gilad Shalit – and get angry. I understand their anger. After all, we live in a sovereign state, finance by our taxes an enormous defense budget, and above all, many Israelis share a sense of solidarity with their fellow citizens living in the south.


But most Israelis see only part of the picture. The think that since the disengagement the occupation in Gaza is over. There is no greater mistake. Israel controls the land ports to Gaza, as well air space and territorial waters. In fact, those living in the Gaza strip are under siege. The meaning of this is that the transport of goods depends on Israel’s consent. Which hasn’t often given its consent. This leads to an acute shortage of basic food products and medical equipment. Israel was responsible for collecting taxes in the Strip, and in turn transferred those funds or didn’t, according to its will. Israel caused the effects of sonic booms night after night and occasionally disconnected electricity supply (including incidents when Israel preventecd the supply of electricity for 48 hours. Hospitals had to operate respiratory and hemodialysis machines manually). A UN committee stated about a year ago that the Gaza Strip is on the threshhold of a humanitarian catastrophe. Since the war this condition has only worsened (for further information on the conditions in Gaza (before the last war) – see B’Tselem’s website).


It is not happenstance that most Israelis know nothing of the occupation.




Click here for a Hebrew version of this post.

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