Some Sheep and a Tortoise


This post is a sequel to the previous one.




A new checkpoint on the apartheid road leading to Beit Furik, on the Awarta junction. Two concrete fences are blocking the passageway, two soldiers check identification documents to vehicles coming from Nablus. The queue consists of at least eight vehicles, it’s hard to see beyond the bend of the road. The soldiers say the new checkpoint at Awarta is replacing the Beit Furik checkpoint (the photo was taken last week, February 24, 2009, around 2:15pm).




Beit Furik checkpoint is open for traffic. A soldier stands at his post, where pedestrians used to go through. He is visible, and the drivers are hesitant. It is heartbreaking to see them. They slow down as they drive by him, making sure that passage is indeed allowed with no examination, perhaps the rules have changed once more. A flock of sheep crosses the checkpoint, and then another flock. The sheep skip through the remnants of the checkpoint, that are left here as a reminder that the Totalitarian can have regrets maybe and operate the checkpoint again. Let them hesitate before accelerating their vehicles when crossing here. This photo was taken by my friend, Nurit Yarden on the same day, around 2:40pm:



We hardly mention the damage of the fences and walls to the environment. The crime committed by the State of Israel on human beings does not allow addressing what might seem as trivialities. And still, a tortoise crossed the separation fence that day, too (nearby the Tapuah checkpoint).


Click Here for a Hebrew version of this post

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